Ski cabinet

Areas of application

Hotel,  guesthouse, sports club


Skicontainer für 54 Paar Ski- und Stöcke, auf Schienen, 220x113 cm Platzbedarf

Our ski cabinets

On rails, as wall installation, free-standing

  • Many skis and sticks placed within a limited space
  • Every ski / stick has its own space – no mess
  • Easy to use / self-explaining
  • Massive stainless steel / nearly indestructible
  • In summer it is easy to remove the cabinet and to make place for a bicycle rack
  • Fits from cross-country to carving skis
  • Sizes: 18/22/26 pairs

Examples of use

54 pairs
13 pairs
Ski cabinet

Ski- und Snowboadhalter

3 pairs
2 boards

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