Areas of application

Work safety

Wet or damp clothes are gently dried by TOP-TROCK- technologies. The different drying systems are used depending on the drying time, the material of the garments and the local conditions. Companies such as Aldi, 3M, BASAF, EON, etc. are among our satisfied users in the working area.


Municipal companies in Essen, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Linz, Graz, etc. have been satisfyingly using TOP TROCK – systems for many years.

Cold Store

The valuable cold store clothing needs an extremely gentle drying, as thereby its lifetime is increased considerably. People who work in such areas highly appreciate dry work gear.


Companies in the food industry such as Aldi, Migros and many more are drying their employees’ work gear by using TOP TROCK-systems. Furthermore, the drying systems are being used in slaughterhouses, dairies, animal farms, etc.  

Fire Brigade

Fire brigades from all around the world are drying, cleaning and disinfecting their work equipment such as breathing masks, hose, etc. with the help of TOP TROCK systems.

The fire brigades of Madrid, Vienna, Oslo, etc. are among our satisfied users in this field.


In the field of security TOP TROCK is drying uniforms and work clothes using their custom-built systems. Satisfied users in this field are, for instance, the naval forces of Norway and Sweden, the Austrian military, the German armed forces, the NATO, the police department of Cologne Wuppertal, the police of Den Haag, etc.

Hotel, Guesthouse

Customized ski- and drying rooms have been successfully used in many hotels for more than 25 years. The energy-saving clothes-and shoedrying systems which are made out of stainless steel are under a warranty for ten years.    


We are your partner in sports, where clothes and shoes are always exposed to extreme humidity. Clothes and shoes which are dried by TOP TROCK systems (electrical, air and warm water) show a significantly longer lifetime because of the gentle process. Satisfied users in this field are for instance Werder Bremen, Sturm Graz, Skidome Madrid, Benjamin Reich, Marlis Schild, Karl Schranz and many other world champions and Olympic champions.


The space-saving and effective drying systems are highly appreciated on the high sea. Naturally, we are working with saltwater resistant stainless steel in this area. Satisfied users in this field are fishing fleets, the Norwegian and Swedish navy, coastguards in South Africa, Ireland and Holland and much more.


TOP TROCK systems are successfully in use in agricultural holdings such as fruit-, vegetable- and winegrowing.