Drying cabinet with warm air fan and variable interior fitting

The TOP TROCK drying cabinets facilitate a fast drying of jackets, pants, boots, gloves, belts, breathing masks and much more. Because of our flexible linking system, it is possible to add more drying bolts from our product range at a later time.

Standard cabinet TSF08
Standard cabinet TSF8ATL
Drying cabinet Multidry

Drying cabinet “MULTIDRY”

The TOP TROCK drying cabinet “Multidry” facilitates a fast and gentle drying of jackets and various protective gear such as hose, boots, belts, etc. in a minimum of time. The warm air inside the tubes guarantees a gentle and reliable drying of the items from inside, whereby the lifetime of the items is increased two to three times. The interior decoration is individual.

Individual interior decoration

Jackets, pants, boots or gloves – design it individually

Drying cabinets at the customers’ request

Drying cabinet stainless steel breathing masks
Drying cabinet for 19 pairs of boots
Fire hose dryer

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