Ski Locker

Hotel Tiroler Adler Sölden

Hotel Tiroler Adler Sölden

Ski Locker

Locker with integrated shoe drying system (electrically heated or AIR drying with the help of a warm-air blower). Sizes are variable but as a standard our lockers come equipped with drying system and ski holding device for the equipment of 2, 4 or 6 people.

The corpus can either be delivered fully zinced or made from stainless steel. Each locker consists of a cut-out in the bottom (for the skis), reinforced doors with pole holding device and last but not least stainless steel shoe drying hangers.
We also provide any type of locking system, from card-locks to lockers that you can only open with a code or a traditional key system.
On the shoe drying system you have a warranty of 10 years.


Ski locker fully zinced or made from stainless stell

4 Persons
  6 Persons

Ski locker with wood - collection





Made in Austria



Locker for
Ski and
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Stanley Perreira