Ski containers

SKI CONTAINERS: mobile, free-standing, or on tracks

TOP TROCK’S ski containers are available for 18 or 26 pairs of skis and poles and suitable for all types of skis, from cross-country to alpine and carving skis. You can choose between ski containers that run on tracks, are mobile with rubber rollers or are free-standing. TOP TROCK gives a full warranty of 10 years on all ski containers.
Our TOP TROCK ski containers are of premium quality, shock-resistant with a 4mm side plate, completely rounded off and of course suitable for children’s skis.
All containers are already being built a little bigger to prepare for a possible widening of the skis or their binding in the future. If you would like to secure your ski container and the skis you can opt for special locks that we also provide.  Our ski containers come in sizes for 5, 9, 11 and 13 pairs of skis and poles.

Ski container wall mounted

Ski container "mobile"


The wall-mounted TOP TROCK ski rack holds up to 3 pairs each and can be extended without limits. The wall-mounted rack is completely made from stainless steel and we thus give a full warranty of 10 years on it. Our ski racks are custom-made and can hold both children’s skis as well as 6-8 snowboards.
On the TOP TROCK snowboard rack you can store up to 8 snowboards.



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