Areas of Application

Top Trock has been a manufacturer of drying systems for any kind of application for more than 25 years. Thanks to our in-house production we are able to assist you also with custom-made designs.

Work safety
Top Trock’s technology gentry dries wet or damp work wear. Depending on the required drying time, the material of the garments to be dried and on-site conditions, three different drying systems are available.
Companies such as ALDI, 3M, BASF, EON and many more can be found among our satisfied customers.

Municipal companies in Essen, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Linz, Graz etc. have successfully been using our TOP TROCK drying systems for many years.

Fire fighting
Fire fighters around the world all rely on TOP TROCK systems to dry, clean and disinfect their equipment, such as breathing masks, hoses etc.
Fire brigades in Madrid, Oslo, Vienna and countless more can be found among our satisfied customers.  

On the safety sector TOP TROCK provides specially made drying systems for uniforms and protective wear.
Norwegian and Swedish Navy, the Austrian and German Army, NATO, Police headquarters in Cologne Wuppertal and The Hague all rank among our satisfied customers.   
Hotel/Guest House
Our products have been successfully in use in custom-made ski and drying rooms in countless hotels and guest houses around the world for more than 25 years.
The energy-saving drying systems for (ski) clothing and shoes or boots are completely made from stainless steel with a full warranty of 10 years.

Top Trock is your partner whenever sports clothing and shoes are subjected to extreme wetness. Wherever clothing and shoes are gently dried with TOP TROCK drying systems (operated either electrically, with warm-air blower or by your heating) the gear’s lifetime will increase considerably.
We are proud to count football clubs such as Werder Bremen or Sturm Graz, ski centres like the Snowdome in Madrid as well as active and formerly active athletes, such as Benjamin Reich and Marlies Schield, Karl Schranz and many more world champions and Olympia winners to our satisfied customers.

Cold Store
Premium, costly cold store clothing needs an extra gentle drying if you want to considerably increase its lifetime (and thus bring down purchasing costs). People who work in a cold store environment highly appreciate dry work wear.
Food Industry
Companies in the food industry, such as ALDI, PLUS, Migros and many more provide their staff with Top Trock drying systems for their work clothing. Our drying systems are further used in slaughter houses, dairies, animal farms etc.

Our space saving and effective drying systems are highly appreciated out at sea. It goes without saying that for the maritime industry we use only seawater-resistant steel.
We are proud to have several fishing fleets, the Norwegian and Swedish Navy as well as Coast Guards in South Africa, Ireland and Holland among our customers.

Top Trock systems are also successfully in use in agricultural companies such as fruit and vegetable farms, at vineyards etc.

Matt Lyon